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'In Pictura' is Latin and means 'In the picture'. Students of the language may recall "In pictura est puella". ('In the picture is the girl')

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Mellon Udrigle Beach, West Coast of Scotland, ©InPictura 2015

Timescale Project Name Funding Example Image Description/Output
Ongoing Stock images Internal

Sunset, Girvan, Scotland

For any InPictura project and/or publication/editorial use
2017 The Story So Far .... Internal

Glass Plate Project

ePublication of InPicturas John Baker and his photographic journey
2017 Urban Decadence Decay Kickstarter

Dailly, Scotland

Coffee-table book
2017 256 Shades of Grey Kickstarter


Coffee-table book of 256 monochrome images
2018 Wet, Wild, Windy, but Occasionally - Mild Kickstarter

Galloway, Scotland

Coffee-table book of Scottish Landscapes, Waterscapes, and Architecture
2018 Mainly Rain, With a Chance of Haggis Kickstarter

Highland Kitsch

Coffee-table book of Scotland, but as the tourist sees it
2018 Fine Art Photography Kickstarter


Coffee-table book of fine art nude studies


(Including Metamorphosis, a sub-project defining

the emergence and ascent of womankind










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