Print Prices (Available UNFRAMED ONLY)


A1 Lustre finish    49.95

A2 Lustre finish    39.95

A3 Lustre finish    29.95

A0 This is a Fine Art print process available P.O.A as there are so many finish options, so please mail (Prices from 69.95 including VAT and P&P within the UK.)


UK Address Post & Packing
This is included in the price. See below for details for outside of the UK.



All images on this site are either or its parent company Intelligen Ltd. or its officers. ANY illegal use of InPictura images will be pursued to the fullest extent of international copyright law.

FAQ's for Print Sales


How do I order and pay?

All images IN THE GALLERY OR PORTFOLIO AREAS are available as prints via PayPal from drop-down menus on the site, or by emailing us details. (Other images may also be available as prints. See 'How do I identify an image for printing' below.)


For companies, or if you simply do not want to use PayPal, we can send you a Pro-Forma invoice. Just send us the full details or a company order. We will send the Pro-Forma Invoice with electronic payment details. On receipt of electronic payment, we will send the order immediately.


For any further information please email


Do you take credit or debit cards?

YES! PayPal buttons and its checkout system allows payment by both.


Do you take cheques?

Regret no, we can no longer accept cheques due to exorbitant bank charges, and the general vagaries of the modern banking system.


General Information

All images which are copyright as defined above, are also available in print form. Printed on Fujifilm professional photo lab machines, they come in a variety of sizes. Take care with the format of the image as some prints may need cropped for framing.


The EU brought us ISO size paper but we still think of images in Imperial measures such as 10x8 inches, 20x16", 20x30" etc. These sizes may also be available for an image, but the image will likely require cropping to fit the format.


For any further information please email


Can images be cleared for editorial use?

Yes, most images which are copyright as defined above are available for licensed use on web sites, or in magazines and journals. Licences vary between UK, EU, and Worldwide use.


For more information please email


I do not live in the UK, can I buy prints?

Yes. We can send prints to anywhere in the world.


I live in the UK, is VAT included?

VAT is included for UK customers, as is post & packing.

I live outside the UK, but in the EU, what about VAT?
If you live in the EU but outside of the UK and are VAT registered, we will require your VAT number for the invoice.


I live outside of the UK, what about the postage cost?
The Royal Mail has the world split into UK, EU, Non-EU, World Zone 1 and World Zone 2 areas. For a quick quote depending on where you are, please state your country and email for details.


Are other print sizes available?
Yes, and this may work better for you if you already have a frame and wish to place one of our images in it. Please email for details.


How are the prints sent to me?

All prints come flat in a plain cardboard box or rolled in a plain sturdy tube.


How do I identify an image for printing?

No need. Use the drop-down menu beside the image to select the size you want. The reference number is then included in your shopping cart.


If there is no drop-down menu beside an image, it does not mean it is not for sale. If you are interested in it, right+click and Copy Image, then paste it into an HTML type email for us to assess for you. It could just be it is because it is a thumbnail, or that we have simply not reached that image yet to make it available for sale. Please email with the image included, and we will advise.


What if the image on here is too small to see clearly?

Just let us know, and we will email you a larger watermarked version of the image, so you can evaluate it before ordering.


For all order inquiries please email

Photography As Art


Since the first photographic images were committed to glass, paper or metal in the early 1800's, there has been much debate about whether or not photographic images are 'art'.


The InPictura stance is that not all photography is art, but a lot of it can be defined as art.


This can be narrowed down to a number of factors, the manner in which the photographer has composed the image, the method of creating the image, the subject matter, the lighting itself, or some or all of the above.


Some or all of these elements combine to create a photograph which is in and of itself - a work of art.


Art is, and always will be - subjective. Photography is no different. We leave you as the individual, to decide for yourself.


Art As Photography - A New Concept?


Not related to the above question about whether or not photography is art, this is a new area for InPictura.


When an artist creates an image, they (hopefully) sell off the work as a one-off. Any spin-off sales come from either the creation of a lithographic print run, or by producing limited edition prints such as a screen-print artist might. (Limited edition can also of course be applied to lithographic prints, but regardless, offset lithographic printing is often prohibitively expensive.)


Now, it is possible for the creator of an original work, to benefit from the sale of high-quality photographically reproduced images of the original. This can be either as an open or limited edition. The images are printed 'on-demand' so there is no high outlay.


First - A word about quality

An artist will create an image using any of a variety of tools and mediums. Take oil paint for example. The artist will have their own technique for application, and their own brush style. Image if these elements could be included in a photograph!


With modern day photographic printing it is possible for extremely high quality scans of artwork, to be reproduced as extremely high quality photographic prints.


There are 2 services

1 - Standard Service

This is where the artists work is submitted to a high-resolution 'flat light' flatbed scanner. (If the frame is not too deep, the artwork may not even need to be removed.)


The resulting image is then quality controlled and submitted to a high-quality photographic printing process, with the resulting images for sale as open or limited edition prints.


2 - Fine Art '3D' Service

For this process, the painting is again submitted to a flatbed scanner, but with specialised 'oblique lighting' and masking techniques employed, such as those used in 3D cartography. This lighting technique allows the scan to capture every nuance of the paint and technique used.


Quick comparison

The images immediately below compare a tiny 200x200 pixel portion of the top-left of a much larger image. The image on the left uses the Standard scanning service. In itself, a high-quality result. The image on the right, uses the Fine Art 3D technique.


The differences speak for themselves.



Detailed comparison

Within the detail area of the painting, the difference between the standard and fine art techniques is nothing short of astounding ....

Flat Light


Oblique Light


It is hard to believe these are BOTH scans from the same painting.


For more on this technique and for you as the artist to take the concept of Art As Photography further, please visit our parent site here.