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'In Pictura' is Latin and means 'In the picture'. Students of the language may recall "In pictura est puella". ('In the picture is the girl')

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'Art as Photography' project now a reality and a BIG step closer


    As part of a consultative project, InPictura principal John Baker, has researched and investigated the steps required to produce high-quality photographic reproductions directly from art originals. Working in conjunction with Genus IT based in Nuneaton, England, the process has now completed all of the initial stages of identifying a suitable work of art for the process, accompanying the work to Nuneaton for high-resolution scanning, then having a top quality photo laboratory print the scans back to their original sizes, and on a variety of print surfaces.

    The works used, were originated by Clare Penny, a contemporary Scottish artist specialising in portraits. Clare, whose web site is available at kindly loaned two paintings for the test.

    One painting, a largely monotone portrait of famous Scottish accordion player Phil Cunningham, was a 30" x 40" stretched canvas. The other painting, a highly coloured work also on stretched canvas and measuring in at 30" x 20", employed a technique where more paint was applied than in the larger canvas. As a result, this particular work was selected for a more thorough comparison of the special 3D lighting technique used during the scanning process. The end-result is that this work better represents the brushstrokes in the scanned image, resulting in a most realistic photographic reproduction.

    Once the lab results are more fully evaluated, we will provide a further print-by-print comparison on this page.

The Dancers © Clare M Penny (



New InPictura image printing service

    Most of the images featured on the web site, can now be bought as photographic prints and delivered directly to your door.

    Using only top quality Fuji paper through our affiliate photo lab in England, we can provide top quality results, usually in a variety of sizes and paper finishes.

    We hope that by the end of January we will have completed the work required to link printable images to a PayPal button for payment.


















JWB Collection glass plate project now well underway


    We began experimental scanning of the JWB Collection of over 450 glass plates in early 2016. We worked our way through the entire process, gauging how best to handle, catalogue and index, and then scan the negative plates. The final step was the placement of the plates into impervious and chemically inert pockets to aid preservation of the originals for decades to come.

    Now that the details of the required workflow are all confirmed, during Q1 of 2017, the entire collection will be scanned.


Who Took The Images

    Currently this is a mystery to us. The collection was originally captured  by an unknown (and assumed to be) English-based photographer, with estimated dates for the images between 1916 and 1938. All of the images are on quarter-plate size glass, and the photographer used a mix of brand names including Kodak and Ilford.

    As there are images of school pupils, teachers, individuals, and members of a theatre group, the hope is that once the scan job is completed, it may be possible to identify the photographer and his (or her) subjects.

    An article is planned for consumption by the UK photographic press, so perhaps the full story of the journey of capture and preservation, may finish up in print for the UK and the world to see.


Cataloguing and protecting

Example: Venice: Circa 1926





    The prime aim of InPictura is to provide clients not only with the results they require, but also to provide imagery with an 'edge'.
    Although more easily achieved with some subjects than others, InPictura will always strive to get that little extra something.
    Using state of the art digital equipment from top of the range manufacturers, clients are certain to get detailed top quality results, capable of reproduction to poster size, or for reduction for web or graphical use by their own art departments.

NOTE: If you found your way here through a EuroPictura link, that is because currently the EuroPictura web site has the same aim and purpose as that of InPictura. The sites may be split in the future to cater for differing marketplace requirements.


General Service Range
    Based near Aberdeen, Scotland, InPictura is ideally placed for national and international travel. InPictura provides specialist commercial & industrial photography services throughout the world.

We regret we do not handle weddings, conventional family portraiture, social photography, schools/colleges or business events.

Commercial services cover:

► Landscape
► Architecture & Property
► Travel / Tourism / Location
► Fine art imagery for decor / interiors / motivation

    Image capture is achieved using a variety of high performance digital and analogue tools. InPictura also offers a negative, transparency, and glass or film plate scanning service, for colour or monochrome media up to A4 in size.

Output options include:
► High resolution (print quality) image files
► Print reproduction to poster size and larger *
► Canvas / art print presentation
► CD/DVD-ROM authoring
► High-quality art-book publishing on paper
► Digital and interactive digital publishing

* available on archivally permanent media

    For something special for the boardroom or office, or for a company or personal calendar or as a gift, consider a bespoke landscape image. Remember it can also be used in a variety of places, such as company reports and other presentations or simply in order to create a mood or get a point across.
    This style of photography is also useful for land management, eco-issues, and general documentary coverage of small, medium or large areas. Images can be land-based or taken from the air.
    Note: Unless there is a specific project where the technique has been specifically requested or is the only option, we do not use our own or third-party drones unless authorised by the CAA, Civil Aviation Authority (UK)) and properly licensed. This is a choice based on Health & Safety, past experience, and the current total lack of discipline and responsibility in the use of drones.

    Many companies employ casual labour or their own staff to capture property images. This may be adequate for a typical family dwelling up for sale, but when it comes to commercial or more substantial property or developments, or an exclusive and up-market property - something more is required.
    InPictura provides a complete service for the photography of new-build and established properties. The interior and exterior is photographed from the perspective of the buyer - not the seller. This enhances all of the key elements of the building, its location and surroundings. All of which are elements not normally captured by the conventional snap-shot approach. The package can also include 360° so-called 'immersive' imagery, and if required, can be supplemented by video footage for inclusion in CD-ROM / DVD presentations, or as point of sale at promotions and exhibitions.

Spanish property development shoot



    Promotion is about illusion and illustration, and tourism is reliant upon promotion. As with property, the tourist attraction credo is 'Location, Location, Location'. There is no substitute for portraying an area or an attraction in a manner which grabs attention. By giving the illustrations an edge, it all helps to grab attention, regardless of whether the imagery is on a web site, on a poster, or a brochure.

Paris based restaurant promotion



    Aside from it's obvious artistic characteristics, architectural photography is an extremely effective method of illustrating company reports, company brochures, and can have a myriad of other uses.
    Construction progress photography can also be employed in order to show how a project, building or development, proceeds through to completion. Animations of the results can be produced from the images, and time-lapse sequences of construction shown in web pages, CD-ROM / DVD promotional media, or used within video footage in company reports, promotion or documentary footage.

French tourism shoot


Winter tasks


    Aside from the glass plate scanning, we hope to capture aspects of the winter season around the North East of Scotland.

    This is also our opportunity to progress a couple of other projects we are assisting with. The 'Art to Photography' project, (see top of left column) is where artists can extend their revenue stream beyond just the income from a work, by producing limited or open edition archivally permanent photographic prints.

    Key advantages of this process over more traditional offset-lithographic printing for reproducing original works, are that there is no cost-inhibiting plate-making process. Also, as single prints can be produced on-demand, this reduces the financial outlay to the artist, with only the production cost of a high-quality scan of the original work to be considered.

    Oil painters will be pleased to note that by utilising specialist 3D scanning techniques, the brush-strokes can be much better defined to give life to an otherwise flat-lit scan of the original.













Fine Art - Figure




Fine Art - Digital



Fine Art - Design



    InPictura owner and principle photographer John Baker, has been involved in photography since the 1960's. With many years experience in creative and business environments, his experience combines to provide a comprehensive and wide-ranging service which includes specialist print and digital publishing.

John Baker, Owner (InPictura + EuroPictura)
(photograph: Les Thomson, InPictura)

Feel free to contact John directly:




    InPictura would like to partner with companies, organisations, institutions and trusts. In return for access to areas not normally open to the public, we will provide partners with complimentary stills and video for use within the business or organisation.


Commercial Partnering

    InPictura would also like to partner on a commercial basis with photographic and related manufacturers and importers, with a view to providing long-term testing of products and feedback on use. Full recognition will be provided wherever a product is used.



    InPictura is currently accepting commissions for:

  • Landscape/seascape (worldwide)

  • Architecture including build progress (worldwide)

  • Travel and tourism (worldwide)

  • Major sport events

  • Fine art (all genres)

  • Abstract/product

  • Conservation/preservation projects

Regret we do not cover:

  • weddings

  • portraiture

  • school/college

  • business events




    At InPictura we are always on the hunt for new or different subjects and locations. Among the locations on our To Do List for shooting landscapes, are: Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Austria, Romania and Russia.

    Another key project would be to raise funding to travel across land from the UK to Turkey, and capturing the landscape along the route of the famous Orient Express.






Latest ....

JWB Collection expands

    The JWB Collection has expanded, and now features:

  • multiple photographers

  • a total of over 60,000 images on negative, transparency and glass plate

  • all manner of subject matter

  • the inclusion of: photographic equipment, memorabilia and ephemera, dating back as far as the early 1900's.


    InPictura will publish more details as they are 'discovered' during 2017.










The principle of InPictura is proud to be a member of The Societies of Photographers and their specialist divisions of ....


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