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'In Pictura' is Latin and means 'In the picture'. Students of the language may recall "In pictura est puella". ('In the picture is the girl')

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Based at Dailly near Girvan on Scotlands Clyde Coast, this week-long project was a recce for more work on the stunning landscapes of the area. (Stock images for forthcoming projects)

No - no mistake.
There REALLY IS a genuine Bhuddist

Temple, at Eskdalemuir.



Based at Loch Rannoch, this project captures the stunning mood of the Highland Landscape. (Stock images for forthcoming projects)



'January Spate'

River Feugh at the Brig o' Feugh, Deeside, Scotland


'Saving Abergeldie Castle'

Deeside, Scotland



The main Ballater to Braemar road on Royal Deeside was washed away by storm deluge

in January. You can just see the replacement carriageway being built in the field to the

right. The road was closed for weeks.

Deeside, Scotland


'Breakfast for the bairns (children)'

Haddo House, Scotland











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