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'In Pictura' is Latin and means 'In the picture'. Students of the language may recall "In pictura est puella". ('In the picture is the girl')

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A selection of InPictura architecture and related work
Picadilly Circus | London | Late 1970's


Venice | 1984


St Marks | Venice | Italy


Municipal Apartments | Aberdeen | Scotland


City Lights | Aberdeen | Early 1970's

Doges Palace | Venice | Italy | 1984


Roman Amphitheatre | Pula | Istrian Peninsula | Yugoslavia | 1984


St Marks | Venice | Italy


Cathedral Cloisters | Possibly Iona Cathedral | Scotland

Location t.b.c.


National Museum of Scotland | Edinburgh


Street Furniture* | Aberdeen | Early 1970's
* Concrete lamp-post looking directly upwards









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