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'In Pictura' is Latin and means 'In the picture'. Students of the language may recall "In pictura est puella". ('In the picture is the girl')

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About InPictura

The roots of InPictura stretch back to the 1950's. Here's our timeline:


1959: Principal John Baker gets first camera in a Spillers Flour competition

1970-1973: Photographic Retail (J Lizars and Elena Mae - Scotland)

1973 (part): Industrial/Commercial/Wedding Photographer Intern (Martin Johnson - Aberdeen)

1974/82: Part-time Freelance (J W Baker Photography)

1976-1979: Photographic Technician (Aberdeen University)

1979-1982: Photographic Retail and Mail Order as Operations Manager (McKinnons of Dyce, Aberdeen, UK)

1982/87 - Principal (Image Management, Scotland)

1988-1995: Part-time Freelance (J W Baker Photography)

1995-2010: Principal (Establishes intelligen as an IT and photographic consultancy)

2010-Date: Managing Director (intelligen Limited + InPictura Photography


    With John Bakers roots in retail, commercial and technical photography, there is an unusual depth and mix of knowledge. Coupled with over 25 years experience with data and document capture, (whilst project managing large document management system implementations,) this experience lends itself to digital photography.

    InPictura uses digital techniques almost entirely, but is never afraid to dip into the older analogue ways, and use ordinary camera film as a medium if required. Specialist subject areas include conversion of photographic collections, technical photography including microfilm, and specialist processes.


    InPictura promotes John Bakers own images, and once the scanning project is complete, will also be used to market and promote a collection of glass plates owned by the principal, and shot by an unknown photographer between 1911 and 1932.

From the JWB Collection

Example: Venice: Circa 1926












The principle of InPictura is proud to be a member of The Societies of Photographers and their specialist divisions of ....


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